Communications of the IIMA


This paper is to develop a framework for industries to analyze their information technology deployment efforts based on operational activities along the life-cycle of their supply chains. In particular, industries that is mature and with low profit margin will find this framework applicable. It is an accepted principle in these industries that efforts to streamline and reduce cost are easier to achieve than to increase an equal amount of revenue. The framework encompasses all aspects of operations and provides a complete and comprehensive view of the whole supply chain. The first dimension of the framework includes both product-related and logistics-related activities. These are activities that range from product design to production to materials movement and warehousing. The second dimension addresses product and supply chain specific types of characteristics, which vary by industry that will impact the use of new information technology such as RFID, WiMax, and CPFR. These characteristics include the bitability, modularity, and information intensity of the product, cost structure in relation to product versus logistics, and vertical collaboration or standardization opportunities. By reviewing the life-cycle activities with these characteristics in mind, an industry can establish an information technology platform to guide new IT implementations for the future.