Communications of the IIMA


In wireless sensor network (WSN), every sensor node could active dynamically. Therefore, those sensor nodes will affect the stability of network topology because of clustering and de-clustering, and continuously make reconfiguration for the clusters of wireless sensor network, all that will influence the overall function of network. It is an important issue that how to elect a cluster manager (CM) to keep the stability of network topology. In addition, large amount of events maybe flood suddenly in a local area. Such the case might raise the overload of CM, even lead CM to fail or crash and the WSN topology maybe self-organized. However, a mechanism needs to be considered that allows coping with the additional loads and can balance the workload of CM. In this study, a preventable and supportable monitor mechanism to avoid CM overload cause network unstable and to reduce load imbalance problem is proposed. Hence, it can prolong lifetime of network and raise performance of network efficiently.