Communications of the IIMA


The market for personal computers, particularly in the household segment, is burgeoning on account of the liberalization, privatization and globalization measures initiated by Government of India. Consequently competition to win over the PC market has intensified. This scenario has enhanced the need for understanding the adoption behavior of the personal computer which would enable marketers to arrive at strategies corresponding to the target markets socio, economic, political, cultural and competitive setting at the macro level and adopter-centered approach at the micro level. This study is based on the collection of primary data from 335 adopters of personal computers and 165 non-adopters. The study brings to light the adoption behavior of the PC, the influence of demographic variables, personality traits and attitude on adoption behavior, the reasons for non-adoption of PC and the difference in the adoption behavior among the different categories of adopters. Further the variables discriminating the adopters and non-adopters are brought into focus. The paper contributes to the knowledge base on adoption behavior that would serve as a backbone for formulation and implementation ofprofitable marketing strategy to augment the diffusion of PC.