Communications of the IIMA

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The Analytic Enterprise Model for the Value Chain


Current focuses on value chain have moved from automation and functional enhancement to real-time integration and optimization. As businesses extend their internal value chain to include those of their customers, suppliers, distributors and business partners, analytic processes also extend from internal decision structures to decision structures of the extended enterprise. Leveraging the value chains to gain competitive edge through analytics is becoming more important and strategic for business enterprises. Value chain analytics create business intelligence that enhances future operations. At the very front end, businesses can benefit from customer intelligence in the demand value chain, which enhances target marketing campaigns, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. On the supply management side, businesses can benefit from the buy-side market intelligence in the supply value chain, which enhances supplier performance, reduces purchasing costs, and improves inventory management and quality. This paper proposes an integrated model for value chain analytics across the extended business enterprise.

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