Communications of the IIMA


In many respects, the decision making capability/promise of information technology has gone unfulfilled. In fact, many organizations have not advanced much past spreadsheets when it comes to computerized decision making assistance. This research attempts to examine why this is the case, and looks to the future by asking the questions “What’s the next spreadsheet? Is there a next killer app for intelligent systems/DSS?” Fifty-eight business professionals were surveyed to assist in answering these questions. Results suggest that while the spreadsheet is still by far the most used intelligent system, continuing improvements in the ease of use of information technology are helping to allow some organizations to begin to easily test and use newer DSS technologies. As additional organizations then begin to understand the purpose and usefulness of these newer technologies, their long term impact could be substantial. Statistical results suggest that Knowledge Management and GDSS technologies have the best chance in the near term to equal the impact of spreadsheets.