Communications of the IIMA


Electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) are an integral part of health information technology (HIT). This study explores the effect of eCQM implementation on hospital performance. The study proposes hospital profitability, efficiency, and quality to measure hospital performance. Based on the literature, this research hypothesizes that implementing eCQMs would positively impact hospital profitability, efficiency, and quality. The sample data are drawn from the 2017 American Hospital Association (AHA) U.S. Hospital Survey datasets (N = 6282), the 2017 AHA U.S. Hospital I.T. Survey dataset (N = 3451), and the 2017 Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) datasets (N = 4345). This paper also analyzes the effect of four control variables in the profitablity models – hospital bed size, location, ownership, and teaching status. The study uses multiple regression models to test the hypotheses. Data strongly supports Hypothesis 1 (profitability), moderately supports Hypothesis 2 (efficiency), and does not support Hypothesis 3 (quality). Control variables show mixed results. Both theoretical and practical implications are discussed. Implications and future directions for this research shed light on the potential benefits of implementing eCQMs in hospitals.