Communications of the IIMA


Advancement in technology has brought in widespread adoption and utilization of data mining tools. Successful implementation of data mining requires a careful assessment of the various data mining tools. Although several works have compared data mining tools based on usability, opensource, integrated data mining tools for statistical analysis, big/small scale, and data visualization, none of them has suggested the tools for various industry-sectors. This paper attempts to provide a comparative study of various data mining tools based on popularity and usage among various industry-sectors such as business, education, and healthcare. The factors used in the comparison are performance and scalability, data access, data preparation, data exploration and visualization, advanced modeling capabilities, programming language, operating system, interfaces, ease of use, and price/license. The following popular data mining tools are assessed: SAS Enterprise Miner, KNIME, and R for business, Moodle Learning Analytics, Blackboard Analytics, and Canvas for education, and RapidMiner, IBM Watson Health, and Tableau for healthcare. It also discusses the critical issues and challenges associated with the adoption of data mining tools. Furthermore, it suggests possible solutions to help various industries choose the best data mining tool that covers their respective data mining requirements.