Communications of the IIMA


The evolution of the economy has gone through the agricultural era, followed by the industrial era focusing on the production of goods and the postindustrial era accentuated by information and services. The new economy of the 21stcentury is characterized by knowledge and relationships. Galbreath (2002) described the transition to a new economic order driven by knowledge and based on the value of relationships. Customer knowledge management (CKM) synthesizes the customer knowledge and relationships assets in the extended enterprise to create advantages for companies in a very competitive market. Technologies have changed alongside the economy. Big Data and Cloud Computing are the latest stages of the evolution of technologies in business. This paper builds upon the work done in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, Big Data and Cloud Computing. It examines the CKM process enabled by a dynamic actionable demand driven service platform leveraging Big Data, knowledge analytics, and cloud computing.