Communications of the IIMA


Social media is the use of the Internet and mobile technologies to share user-generated content. At a broader level, social media has been providing an increasing amount of the information that is presented to very wide audiences. However, hyper-local media is a form of such social media that tries to target a comparably narrow but focused group of audience with timely and related content. OpenAnchorage presents our vision of a hyper-local information site. It was developed to collect community information created by the local providers and present this information on a local area map where interested users can select the data relevant to their hyper-local geographic area. OpenAnchorage website simultaneously requires a process of providing both new technology and new content. The research design is an iterative analysis-adjustment and adaption-data collection with an integrated process of using Business Model Canvas and Customer Development Stack. The goal of this project is to determine the potential business model or models that will serve our site best by using this innovative, iterative, experiment approach. The desire is that, eventually, the site will be able to get a critical mass of participation, to generate socio-economic values to serve our community, and to support its own long-term sustainability.