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Dr. Amos Isaac was born in Arcadia, Louisiana where he and his family of 10 lived. Eventually his family moved to San Bernardino, California, where Amos attended schools throughout his K-12 education. Following high school, he attended San Bernardino Valley College. He then went on to get his masters from the University of Redlands. While attending the Redlands, Amos did not have access to transportation so he walked from San Bernardino to Redlands. His dedication towards attaining his degree was very telling as Amos dedicated his life to bettering education for the Black community. Post Masters’ degree, Amos attended Claremont graduate school where he earned the title, Dr. Amos Isaac. This interview focuses on Amos’ passion for education and activism. Not only did he make a difference in the classroom by being the second Black teacher to teach in the Redlands Unified School District, but he also served as a Peace Corps director and NAACP President of his local chapter in Mississippi. Furthermore, Isaac unsuccessfully ran several times for the Redlands Unified School Board. He believed the presence of a Black board member would bring forth new ideas and more representation.


Interview conducted by Ratibu Jaccocks.