California State University San Bernardino has had a campus newspaper from the beginning, the name of that newspaper has changed over time. Communique was the first newspaper of the student body (November 9, 1965-Oct. 21, 1966). It was followed by Pawprint (May 9, 1967-November 23, 1983) and the Cal State Chronicle which began on January 12, 1984. The name appearing on the masthead of the Cal State Chronicle has been inconsistent, at times appearing as the CSUSB Chronicle and the Coyote Chronicle. This later name has been used most frequently in recent years. The Coyote Chronicle continues to this day.

Other newsletters, sent out to faculty and administrators have included the CSCSB [California State College San Bernardino] Bulletin (sometimes called the Friday Bulletin or simply The Bulletin) which was published from January 1966 –February 2000.

California State University San Bernardino Special Collections and Archives is in the process of digitizing these publications.


Issues from 1984


January 25th 1984, CSUSB


January 18th 1984, CSUSB


January 12th 1984, CSUSB